The Progressive Economics Group came into being following the June 2017 General Election. A few days before the election, a letter appeared in the Observer newspaper expressing support for the Labour Party Manifesto’s proposals for the economy, and signed by 130 economists (the letter with full list of signatories here).  After the election, the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell wrote to the signatories inviting them to provide policy proposals to aid Labour in preparing for the next election, and the creation of PEG as a resource for policy proposals has also been carried out in liaison with his office

John Weeks agreed to moderate the collection, editing and transmission of the proposals. Prime Economics, an independent policy centre, provides the web resources for posting the policy proposals.

Statement of Purpose

The Progressive Economics Group is dedicated to the development of policy solutions based on social democratic principles to economic problems and issues.  PEG policy work is publicly posted on this website, available to all political parties, organizations and individuals.

PEG contributors do not need to be members of the Labour Party, and PEG itself has no formal link to the Labour Party.  Moreover, the proposals published and posted through PEG are those of the drafter, and do not (unless otherwise stated) imply that they are the collective view of PEG or its participants.


Participation in PEG is open to any person (in any country) who, sharing social democratic principles, is an economist or person working in a related sphere and/or with a strong interest in economics, and wishes to contribute to the development and dissemination of progressive policy proposals for potential adoption by a UK government. 

A person or group becomes an active PEG participant by contributing policy briefs or commentary (subject to the guidelines below). Thus, PEG is not a membership organization by the usual definition.  


You can contact the Progressive Economics Group by writing to: jeremy.smith @

If you wish to forward a policy brief or contribution to the commentary section, please send to jw10 @