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Control of the Energy Sector

In its 2017 manifesto the Labour Party promised to bring energy sector back under public control through a phased approach, which is most sensible. The transition phase is likely to be challenging and will need effective management.

Public policy in the energy sector should target new capacity creation rather than taking over existing and potentially overvalued capacities. 

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Hurricane Irma & Tax Havens

As the National Audit Office confirmed in their last report on the British Overseas Territories, the UK has the backstop financial responsibility for ensuring that these quasi-autonomous and self-governing locations are financially solvent:

"The UK bears the ultimate risk of potential liabilities from its overseas territories.

It is important …. that the UK should reinforce its close working with Territories to manage risks in government finances, disaster and crisis management."

This has particular significance in the context of the devastating impact of Hurricane Irma.

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