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Successful Macroeconomic Stimulus

Modern economies can be stimulated by macroeconomic policies that increase purchasing power. If the stimulus is deficit-financed, the resulting increase in national debt can be accommodated within broad limits. 

This policy brief looks at the conditions that allow for successful implementation of macroeconomic stimulus programmes appropriate for a progressive government.

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Price Stability

For four decades British governments have placed priority on maintaining low inflation. Under Conservative governments this functioned as the central macroeconomic policy goal. A Labour government will come under strong pressure to maintain this priority, though it is frequently in conflict with other objectives such as economic growth and full employment.  

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Monetary PolicyJohn Weeks
Monetary Policy: Beyond QE

Two decades after the granting of independence to the Bank of England to determine its own monetary policy, the doctrine which formed the basis for this policy has been discredited by the financial crisis of 2007-2010 and its aftermath. This doctrine was the New Consensus on Monetary Policy, that monetary policy, principally varying the interest rate at which the central bank provides funds to the money market, can effectively regulate the rate of inflation and the business cycle.

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